Windsor is one of Canada’s top tourist destinations. Visitors from all over the world come to revel in the rich history and leisure activities of this place. In the last few years, Windsor has become a multicultural hub that embraces diversity in everything from arts, music, and entertainment to fashion and cuisine.

A clear proof of this multi ethnic universe is the high number of Italian restaurants where travelers can enjoy the authentic taste of Mediterranean cuisine. If your journey takes you on the historic streets of Windsor you should not miss the top modern Italian restaurants in the region:

Spago Ristorante Italiano

There are authentic Italian restaurants like Spago Ristorante in Windsor that make it very difficult for chain restaurants to have a long life in the Ontario region. The locals appreciate traditional food and often choose to dine in a place that serves authentic Mediterranean cuisine. The thing that attracts most of the visitors to Spago is their unique selection of dishes that resemble homemade food. The restaurant can comfortably fit 35-40 people, and it also offers high-quality services from a very welcoming staff.

Nico Ristorante

If you are just passing through Windsor, you should not miss a visit to Nico Ristorante. This diner is an excellent example of how Italian food can be prepared with the same care and attention to details as it is made in its native Mediterranean homeland. Nico offers the complete Italian experience with its traditional menu prepared by Italian chefs. The soothing ambiance is entertained by the melancholic rhythms of a classic Tarantella playing in the background.

Calabrisella Ristorante

Windsor is a town that abounds in expats and international workers. Each ethnicity tries to maintain a long-distance bond with their native countries by dining in restaurants owned by their fellow countrymen. Calabrisella is one of the places where Italian residents choose to serve their meals on a daily basis. The broad range of Italian dishes and the exciting atmosphere take you out from the Canadian streets and straight into a Mediterranean town as soon as you walk through the door. If you want to get a little taste of Italy without leaving Ontario, then this is the place to go.

La Contessa Ristorante

The Italian cuisine suits everyone, regardless of their dietary restrictions. You can easily test this fact at La Contessa Ristorante in Windsor where you can have your pick from a lengthy list of Mediterranean dishes. Most recipes include seafood, fresh veal meat, and traditional cheese, but there are also tasty options for vegans, vegetarians, and people who have gluten allergies. A trip to Windsor should include at least one stop at this fancy Italian restaurant.

Mezzo Ristorante & Lounge

If you want to impress your loved one with a romantic dinner in a charming setting, you should take them to Mezzo Ristorante. This highly praised restaurant offers a gourmet menu that includes most of the traditional Italian recipes reinterpreted in a modern fashion. From fresh bruschettas to oven-baked pizza and handmade pasta, you can have your pick at some of the most delicious dishes to ever come from the Mediterranean area. The restaurant also displays a dim-lighted lounge zone where you can enjoy a sparkling glass of Prosecco while your dinner is being prepared.