Everybody loves pizza! The people who deny this fact are liars, or they have never tasted a slice of the all-conquering food that is currently prepared and sold all over the world.

It ‘s hard to say when pizza was invented and how it grew to global glamor. Historians tend to agree that it all started in ancient times as a poor man’s food. Back then, peasants would bake a thin layer of bread and sprinkle over it any ingredient they would have lying around their scarce pantries. Today, there are already a few hundred established recipes, but there are infinite ways in which you can prepare pizza so that anyone can enjoy a tasty slice regardless of their dietary restrictions. Here are the world’s favorite types of pizza based on their popularity:

Traditional Neapolitan Pizza

You do not have to overload the crust to create the perfect pizza. The Neapolitans know this secret for over 500 years, and their recipe that only includes mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes are currently the most popular pizza in the world. This fulfilling dish has a unique savor, and it is incredibly easy to make. The small number of ingredients also makes it very affordable in most countries. However, keep an eye out for the knock-off kinds of Neapolitan Pizza that use cheap mozzarella or pre-baked crusts.

Pizza Romana

This kind of pizza has been developed around the Italian capital, in the Lazio region. It consists of fresh tomato sauce, onions, cheese, anchovies, and basil. The things that separate Romana from other sorts of pizza are the thin layer of crust and the sharp cheese, which is usually caciocavallo or aged mozzarella.

Pizza Quattro stagioni

When you order a pizza Quattro stagioni, you get to experience the tomato sauce covered crust with four different toppings. Each slice contains only one primary ingredient: ham, mushrooms, olives or artichokes. Some people find this assembly boring and tasteless, so they ask the chef to mix the toppings when preparing the pizza. However, purists see this practice as a blasphemy towards traditional Italian cuisine.

Pizza Quattro formaggi

There is nothing better than a kind of pizza that brings together some of the main ingredients of Italian gastronomy: tomato sauce, cheese, and basil. Pizza Quattro formaggi stands for “four cheese pizza, ” and it is a tasty alternative to meaty pies for vegetarians. The most common types of fermented curd used as toppings are parmesan, mozzarella, pecorino and blue cheese. A few slices of this cheese-laden pie might go over your daily necessity of 2,000 calories, but its delicious taste is completely worth it.


The “turnaround pizza” that resembles a doughy envelope filled with steamy ingredients is famous all over the world. Its primary ingredients are ricotta cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, and basil. Some varieties add ham and olives or replace the ricotta with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Regardless of what you choose to put in your calzone, you must never forget the sweet tomato sauce that makes all the difference.